Why Choose Solargain with Eliese

Solar systems are valuable, long-term investments. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right solar company for you, it’s important for consumers to carefully consider their options before investing.

To help us answer these tough questions, we spoke with Eliese de Oliveira, Solargain’s National Service Manager. Key points from this conversation are explained below.



What sets Solargain apart from other solar companies?

The Australian solar energy industry can be a tough market to compete in. Over the past 12+ years in the solar PV game, we’ve seen many solar companies struggle when the market gets tough and be forced into liquidation. When a solar company goes bust, it’s not only a sad day for the company’s employees, but also a sad day for their customers as they’re now left without any support for their products.


How do we know this?

Solargain has one of the largest solely dedicated service departments in Australia. We often have customers contact us because their previous solar company has shut down and they have no one to service their system.

Eliese explained that having a dedicated service department means we can not only support our own customers, but also those who are now left ‘solar orphans’ from retailers who are no longer around.


What are the benefits of choosing Solargain?

Solargain have been around for over 20 years and have been doing solar PV since 2005. When you’re comparing solar retailers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ve been around for both the ups and downs in the market, and have still come out the other end.

“We’re also a preferred service partner for most of the leading manufacturers in Australia for panels, batteries and inverters,” Eliese explained.

“[Solargain] are a proud Fronius Service Partner - there’s only ten companies in Australia that are deemed this. It comes with fantastic benefits for our end-users including better warranty conditions.”

Another benefit of choosing Solargain is the fact that we’re ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management, meaning we’re subject to external audits to ensure our company processes are documented correctly, adhering to the highest standards and are customer focussed.

“Very few companies are ISO accredited in Australia so it’s definitely something we’re very proud of.”


What advice can you give to those looking to invest in solar?

Eliese emphasised that for those customers looking to invest in a solar power system for their home, research is paramount. She said it’s not necessarily about the price, but instead about the products the customer chooses and the company’s history.

“I would recommend that, with the level of investment, you really need to do an ABN check of your company to make sure that it’s been around for longer than 5 years, but really, 10 years would mean that they’ve been through a couple of troughs and are going to last."


So, before investing in solar, Eliese advises consumers to:

  1. Get their solar quotes,
  2. Compare their products,
  3. Compare warranties, but then also
  4. Ensure the company is reputable by looking them up on the ABN register