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Sunpower – Setting the standard for solar technology

sunpower solar panel

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Sunpower is one of the world’s longest-established solar technology companies. Holding more than 200 patents for solar technology, they’re a world leader in residential, commercial and utility-scale solar power production.

Superior technology, outstanding results

Thanks to patented Maxeon solar technology, Sunpower solar panels produce 75% more power over the first 25 years than conventional solar panels. In fact, Sunpower holds the world record for producing the world’s most efficient silicon solar panel.

A unique light trapping surface creates more power, while solid copper foundations ensure some of the strongest solar panels in the world. Pure silicon delivers the ultimate in power conversion, while a sleek, black, grid free design creates a streamlined look for your rooftop.

Designed to perform over a lifetime

Book a technician or call the service team if you have inverter problems

Averaging a tiny 0.25% power loss per year over the first 25 years, Sunpower solar panels are designed to go the distance. Tested under a variety of extreme environmental conditions including wind, temperature changes, humidity and hail, they’re ready for everything the harsh Australian climate has to throw at them.

Warranty protection for added peace of mind

Besides being designed to be almost maintenance free during their lifetime, Sunpower solar panels are also fully warranty protected. All products come with a standard 25 year product and power warranty, and faulty panels will be repaired or replaced and reinstalled on your roof in the event of non-performance.

Australian customers can access Australian based customer support on a dedicated toll-free number.

Sunpower solar panels are:

  • Fully protected with a 25 year product and power warranty
  • Proven to produce 75% more power than conventional solar panels
  • Designed to turn on earlier, work harder and turn off later than other brands

Sunpower Product Range

SunPower is the best panel available in Australia. It’s hard to truly compare it to many of the other panels out there, as its fundamentally superior cell architecture does not make comparison to conventional solar panels fair. This cell architecture becomes noticeable, even to the untrained eye, as you get closer to the panel. You can actually see that, unlike other panels, it has no metal collectors on the front of the cell. When you look at the datasheet, you’ll also notice that the power output is much higher, yet the panel is the same size. You’ll also read that it has only a 0.4% warranted degradation each year and comes with a full 25-year parts and labour warranty – the only panel to carry such a warranty. These features are unique to SunPower, and it owes it to its Maxeon Cell technology.