Solargain Roof Mount 300L Single Panel with Electric Boost

300L Roof Mount Single Panel

Improve the energy rating of your home and SAVE! Use the sun’s unlimited FREE energy to provide up to 80% of your hot water heating needs. Solargain’s roof mount solar hot water heaters are traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems, combining roof mounted solar collectors and storage tanks, which are ideal for applications that are short of available ground space. Roof mount systems are highly efficient and use natural thermal convection to circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank without the need for electric pumps.

Solargain Roof Mount 300L Single Panel with Gas Booster

300L Roof Mount Single Panel with Gas Booster

Solargain roof mount single panel systems utilise the thermosiphon method, a very simple and non-mechanical way of harnessing the sun’s energy for water heating. The storage tank contains cooler, denser water at the bottom and warmer water at the top. The cold water flows down through the highly-performing copper panels, where it is heated by the sun, before flowing back up into the cylinder. This goes on as long as the sun is up and stops when it sets.

Solargain Roof Mount 300L Twin Panel with Inline Gas Booster

300L Roof Mount Twin Panel with Gas Booster

Fully automatic 6-star in-line gas booster provides plenty of hot water all year round. The Solargain double panel roof mount with in-line gas booster is the workhorse of solar hot water systems. The cooler water at the bottom of the cylinder is denser than the warmer water at the top. As the cooler water flows through the panels, the sun’s energy heats the water via the highly efficient all-copper collectors, and rises up into the storage tank. This cycle will continue while the sun is shining and will cease once the sun goes down.

Dux Sunpro 315L 2 Panel with Electric Boost

dux panel with electric boost

With this next-generation, split-system, ground-mounted design, , the Dux 315L will ensure that you spend the least amount possible on energy. It automatically searches for and switches to the cheapest available energy source, helping you recoup your initial investment even faster than a conventional solar hot water system.

Other features include a multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration and high performance black chrome selective surface collectors.


Solargain Ground Mount 315L Twin Panel with Gas Booster

Solargain Ground Mount 315L Twin Panel with Gas Booster

Designed for longevity & superior performance, Solargain's flat panel collectors have been designed by Australians, for Australian conditions. Our collectors consist of a copper fin and tube design, manufactured from high-grade copper ultrasonically welded together to provide supreme contact for maximum transfer of solar energy. Enjoy peace of mind with our heavy-duty anodized alloy frame, specially manufactured to withstand Australia's harsh climatic conditions.

Solargain Ground Mount 315L Twin Panel with Electric Boost

315L Solar Storage with Electric Booster

Solargain ground mounted solar hot water systems are highly-performing, long-lasting and climate proof. Their flat panel collectors are composed of superior quality copper, which ensures an optimal solar energy transfer, and anodized alloy, which makes them more tolerant to the harsh Australian weather conditions. Their attractiveness, suitability and efficiency make Solargain hot water systems first-choice products.

Solargain Evacuated Tube 315L 30 Tube with Electric Boost

Solargain Evacuated Tube 315L 30 Tube with Electric Boost

Utilising the latest state-of-the-art evacuated tube solar thermal technology, Solargain evacuated tubes provide outstanding solar contribution no matter what climate your home’s situated in. The natural cylindrical absorber shape of Evacuated Tubes allows longer daily exposure to our Australian sun. Solargain evacuated glass tubes consist of 2mm-thick glass which has been impact-tested to withstand a 25mm hail stone at 85km/h.

Solargain Evacuated Tube 315L 30 Tube with Gas Booster

Gas Boosted Evacuated Tube

Fully automatic, Solargain's gas boosted evacuated tube system is one of the most efficient forms of heating your water. Unlike conventional hot water systems, the Solargain gas boosted evacuated tube system utilises a storage tank to pre-heat the water from the sun, which then flows through the 6.0 star high efficiency Solargain gas booster and delivers steaming hot water 365 days of the year.