Solargain’s evacuated tube solar hot water systems are made up of 10 or 15 pairs of glass tubes attached at both extremities. They use the latest solar thermal technology to heat the water, which is then stored in an insulated tank, allowing you to use it when you need it, including at night or even the next day. The heat transfer process used in Solargain evacuated tube hot water systems allows them to perform highly regardless of your roof space or exposure, and no matter what type of climate you live in. Their corrosion resistance makes them suitable for coastal areas, they are hail proof and are designed to withstand temperatures as low as -15°C. Moreover, Solargain evacuated tube systems are fitted with either an electric element or a gas booster in order to ensure you never run out of hot water, even on cold winter days.

Solargain Evacuated Tube 315L 30 Tube with Electric Boost

Solargain Evacuated Tube 315L 30 Tube with Electric Boost

Utilising the latest state-of-the-art evacuated tube solar thermal technology, Solargain evacuated tubes provide outstanding solar contribution no matter what climate your home’s situated in. The natural cylindrical absorber shape of Evacuated Tubes allows longer daily exposure to our Australian sun. Solargain evacuated glass tubes consist of 2mm-thick glass which has been impact-tested to withstand a 25mm hail stone at 85km/h.

Solargain Evacuated Tube 315L 30 Tube with Gas Booster

Gas Boosted Evacuated Tube

Fully automatic, Solargain's gas boosted evacuated tube system is one of the most efficient forms of heating your water. Unlike conventional hot water systems, the Solargain gas boosted evacuated tube system utilises a storage tank to pre-heat the water from the sun, which then flows through the 6.0 star high efficiency Solargain gas booster and delivers steaming hot water 365 days of the year.