300L Roof Mount Twin Panel with Gas Booster

Fully automatic 6-star in-line gas booster provides plenty of hot water all year round. The Solargain double panel roof mount with in-line gas booster is the workhorse of solar hot water systems. The cooler water at the bottom of the cylinder is denser than the warmer water at the top. As the cooler water flows through the panels, the sun’s energy heats the water via the highly efficient all-copper collectors, and rises up into the storage tank. This cycle will continue while the sun is shining and will cease once the sun goes down.

Product Features: 
Attracts generous government incentives
Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions
All-copper collector with black chrome selective coating
6-star solar in-line gas booster - endless hot water
Natural Gas or LPG Gas Booster available
Flexible installation options
Product Warranty: 
10-year gas booster heat exchanger parts warranty
3 years parts and labour on booster
5 years parts and labour on tank and panels
1 year parts and labour all other components
Tank Capacity: 
Temperature Pressure Relief Valve: 
Model Number: 
Vitreous Enamel
Sacrificial Anode Installed: 
Product Brochure: