About Macsolar Inverters

Macsolar inverters were manufactured in China and were commonly installed in Australia between 2011 and 2013. Inverters in the Macsolar range came with a 5-year parts warranty and came in the following models:

  • Macsol-TL 1.5k-5k
  • MCS2-TL 1.5k-2k
  • MCS-TL 10-20k


Common Macsolar Inverter Faults

The most common issues with Macsolar inverters are:

Here is a full list of Macsolar inverter faults.


Warranty options for Macsolar Inverters

If your system was installed by Solargain and is within the 5 year warranty period, we can assist you with a claim. If you are not a Solargain customer, Macsolar no longer have Australian representation. As such it’s likely that you will need to purchase a new inverter.


What if my Macsolar Inverter is out of warranty?

If your inverter is out of warranty and we cannot repair it, we always can bring a back-up replacement inverter with us, to save you multiple call out fees.


Macsolar Monitoring

If your Macsolar inverter isn’t displaying a fault code but you believe it isn’t working as it should, we recommend you start monitoring your unit and check your system’s yield against the estimated yield provided to you at handover.

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We’ll send one of our qualified service technicians to inspect your inverter, identify any issues and make whatever repairs are necessary to get you back up and running. Contact us or fill out the form below today to arrange your inverter health check.


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