About Orion inverters

Orion inverters have been installed in Australia since as early as 2008. The most common model installed was the 2kW model. Some of the early models only came with a three-year warranty, but the majority came with a five year warranty. As such, many Orion inverters are already out of warranty.

Orion models we service

  • Orion 2kW-2.6kW
  • Orion 4.6kW
  • Orion outdoor range

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Known faults with Orion inverters

  • A 'No Utility' fault means there’s an issue with the AC (or grid) feed to your inverter.
  • An Isolation Fault indicates a PV panel isolation problem.
  • A Relay Failure, as its name suggest, signifies that a relay failed.
  • A 'DC INJ High' error means that the output DC injection is too high.

Access the full list of Orion faults and remedy instructions here.

How do I make a warranty claim to have my Orion inverter repaired?

If your Orion inverter has developed a fault and you are still within your warranty period, please contact our service team for help. We will take all of the hard work out of the warranty claim process.

Alternatively, you may want to consider Solargain’s trade-in offer. Speak with one of our customer service representatives on 1300 73 93 55 for more information.

What if I’m no longer covered by warranty?

If your Orion is out of warranty, we recommend booking an inverter health check. One of our experienced technicians will inspect your inverter to identify any faults and, where possible, repair them on site.

If we cannot repair your inverter during this visit, we will bring a replacement inverter with us to save you multiple site charges. An entry-level 2kW unit starts at $750.

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