About The Solar King SLK Inverter Range

The Solar King SLK inverter range has been a popular choice for installation amongst Australian homes and businesses. Robust and affordable, the Solar King range features models with varying outputs from 1750W to 6500W as well as features such as anti-islanding detection and firmware flash capability. In most cases, Solar King SLK inverter models come with a five-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and are produced by internationally-owned company Powercom (PCM).

Solar King SLK Models

There are five Solar King SLK models including:

  • SLK-1500
  • SLK-2000
  • SLK-3000
  • SLK-4000
  • SLK-5000

To view the specifications of each model, click here.

Monitoring Your Solar King SLK Inverter

Follow our Solar King SLK Monitoring Guide to check the amount of power your system is producing and find out how well it is performing.

Troubleshooting and Resetting Your Solar King SLK Inverter

The Solar King SLK inverter range will detect major internal issues within itself, displaying a fault light until the problem is resolved. In this case you should contact Solargain to inspect your inverter.

In the morning and late afternoon as the inverter is turning on or off you may notice a red light and hear a clicking noise. These are normal functions of the inverter – there’s no need to worry.

If your inverter continues to display a red light throughout the day you should reset it. Instructions explaining how to do this are available here.

If, after resetting, the red light remains on, note down the error code displayed on the screen as well as the serial number from the sticker located on the side of your inverter and then contact our service team. We’ll happily assist you to resolve the issue.

Common Faults With Solar King SLK Inverters

The most common error codes with SLK inverters are:

  • No Utility: there is no AC line
  • Isolation Fault: there is a problem with the panel isolation
  • Relay Failure: one or more relays are failing
  • DC INJ High: the output DC injection is too high
  • Ref 2.5V Fault: there is an inside problem with the 2.5V reference voltage

To find out how to remedy these issues and for a complete list of all Solar King SLK inverter error codes, click here.

Solar King SLK Servicing & Maintenance

Regardless of whether you purchased your Solar King SLK inverter from Solargain, we can assist with servicing and maintenance.

Servicing helps ensure your inverter continues to work safely and efficiently. Our qualified solar power technicians have a deep understanding about the Solar King range and are more than qualified to maintain your system correctly. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, Solargain is dedicated to quality and safety – and is regarded as a leading presence in the solar industry.

Trade-In Your Solar King SLK Inverter With Solargain

If you’re looking to upgrade your Solar King inverter, talk to us about our trade-in deals. Depending on your model and its condition, we offer generous incentives for customers seeking to upgrade their existing inverter to a more advanced unit.

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