A long-time world leader in home appliances and electronics, LG now dominates the solar industry with its high-end solar modules and energy storage solutions. LG Chem’s lithium-ion batteries have such a good reputation that they have been chosen to equip the future electric cars of 13 of the world’s top 20 vehicle manufacturers, and even as a back-up battery for the Tesla Roadster. In the solar energy market, LG offers the LG Chem RESU 6.4 EX, which can store 6.4kWh of power, as well as a range of high voltage (400V) batteries including the RESU7H (7kWh storage capacity) and the RESU10H (10kWh).


LG Chem RESU high voltage


LG Chem has recently released a range of high voltage (400V) batteries comprising the RESU7H and RESU10H models. Convenient, performant and safe, the RESU high voltage batteries are compatible with the best inverter brands on the market.

Become electricity-independent

Charging your battery during off-peak times and discharge it during peak times saves you money on your power bill. The RESU collects the excess power produced by your PV system during the day and allows you to use it at night, when your solar panels are no longer generating electricity. This surplus energy also comes in handy in the event of a blackout, providing you with back-up power.