Thursday 5th May, 2016
Choosing the Right Solar Panel for You. Cheap vs Expensive.
It’s an age-old question that impacts many buying decisions – should I fork out for premium quality or settle for the cheaper option?
Friday 13th May, 2016
Solar Hot Water-Comparing Systems
Solar hot water systems are pretty great. Not only can they slash your electricity costs by a significant margin, but they add value to your property and contribute to a greener planet – and that’s a good feeling. But comparing solar hot water systems, and choosing from the countless brands and products available can be tricky.
Tuesday 17th May, 2016
As of July 1, 2016 electricity charges are set to Increase by 3% In WA becoming more expensive for Western Australian homeowners and businesses.
Wednesday 25th May, 2016
You’ve probably heard by now that the 2016 Federal Election is set to take place on Saturday June 2. And if you hadn’t heard, no doubt you will be bombarded with campaign messages from the major parties soon enough.