Thursday 14th July, 2016
How To Monitor Your Solar Inverter So you’ve installed a solar power system. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax for the next few decades whilst it takes care of all the hard work. Right? Sort of.
Wednesday 20th July, 2016
Introducing SolarWorld The Only Bloomberg (Q1 2016) Tier one German Made Solar Panel Available In Australia “The Best Solar Power System Is Always The Best Investment” states the brochure produced by SolarWorld – sellers of high-tech solar power solutions based in Germany, and here at Solargain we couldn’t agree more.
Thursday 28th July, 2016
What It Takes To Be A Quality Solar Supplier
Plenty of customers shopping for solar panels go through hours of research and comparison to identify a good panel and inverter and then mistakenly assume that all they need to do is find an installer for the lowest price. However, choosing good panels and a quality inverter is only the first step towards a smooth solar power experience.