Tuesday 2nd August, 2016
Solar panels although simple they are far from boring. It’s only until you learn how solar panels work that you truly appreciate how clever they are. So, how do solar panels work? The first thing to know is that panels rely on light from the sun, not heat. In fact, most solar panels become less efficient in extremely hot conditions.
Thursday 11th August, 2016
What Can I Do To Reduce My Bills
The New South Wales Solar Bonus Scheme is a solar feed in tariff program paying homeowners either 20 or 60 cents per kilowatt hour for the power generated by their solar energy system. The scheme, which was designed to encourage solar power installation, closed to new participants in 2011 and applies to over 140,000 residents in NSW.
Friday 19th August, 2016
The Australian Government’s small-scale technology (STC) certificates scheme will begin phasing out from January 1, 2017.
Tuesday 30th August, 2016
Isolator Switch Recalls
A number of DC Isolator switches have been recalled by the Australian Government and if you’ve installed solar power it’s well worth checking your system is not affected.