Monday 5th September, 2016
Know your Li-ions
Choosing the right battery for your solar power system
Thursday 8th September, 2016
Enphase AC Battery System
Anyone with a solar PV system will tell you, you can save money by timing your power consumption for the middle of the day, when your panels are most productive. Solar self-consumption allows you to take the electricity that your PV system has just produced and use it to power appliances in your home, like a dishwasher.class="first-para">
Wednesday 14th September, 2016
What does one kilowatt hour actually mean?
Have you ever thought about how much energy your household uses each day and what that actually means? When you look at your power bill you might see your electricity usage recorded in kilowatt hours (kWh) or in some cases it’s referred to as one ‘Unit’ of electricity (which is the same as 1kWh). But what does 1kWh actually look like?
Wednesday 21st September, 2016
Are you experiencing issues with your solar system? This may be due to faulty panels, wiring, inverter or even grid issues. Determining the cause of an underperforming solar system can be tricky, which is why you should always get CEC Accredited Installers and Designers to check your equipment.
Wednesday 28th September, 2016
There are so many solar myths out there and, here, at Solargain, we hear them all the time. From misleading web pages to misinformed uncles (we all have one), the truth is that the wrong information leads to poor choices which can cost you big bucks. Today, we set the record straight – separating solar facts from fiction!