Enphase is the world’s leading solar micro-inverter company. The Enphase System revolutionises solar power generation through technology innovation and allows each solar panel to have its own micro-inverter attached behind it. This creates maximum production from each module, allowing modules to be placed in various roof locations and orientations, avoid the worst effects of shade and clouds, and provide maximum uptime by eliminating any single point of failure. The Envoy, the Enphase communications gateway, reports from each Enphase micro-inverter to the Enphase Enlighten software that delivers a level of detail about your system’s performance and uptime, not seen in conventional string inverters systems. You can easily monitor your system through MyEnlighten online, or the MyEnlighten app for Android and iOS devices.


Enphase S Series

Enphase s230

Micro-inverters are a game changer. The Enphase S Series micro-inverter delivers increased energy harvest and reduces design and installation complexity with its all AC approach. With the Enphase micro-inverter concept, you're not bound by the traditional limitations of string inverters. Panels can face multiple orientations and different modules can be incorporated. If one panel is shaded or degrades quicker, the other panels will not be brought down. The Enphase micro-inverter concept further simplifies installation, enhances safety, and saves on labor and materials costs.