Founded in 1985, Sunpower is a long-established American solar panel manufacturer with the world record for producing the most efficient silicon module. With over 200 patents, the solar company has developed the Maxeon technology, which enables its panels to generate 75% more electricity than standard modules over the first 25 years of the product life, allowing Sunpower to offer its customers an exceptional 25-year parts & labour warranty.

SunPower is the best panel available in Australia. It’s hard to truly compare it to many of the other panels out there, as its fundamentally superior cell architecture does not make comparison to conventional solar panels fair. This cell architecture becomes noticeable, even to the untrained eye, as you get closer to the panel. You can actually see that, unlike other panels, it has no metal collectors on the front of the cell. When you look at the datasheet, you’ll also notice that the power output is much higher, yet the panel is the same size. You’ll also read that it has only a 0.4% warranted degradation each year and comes with a full 25-year parts and labour warranty – the only panel to carry such a warranty. These features are unique to SunPower, and it owes it to its Maxeon Cell technology.