With over 30 years' experience in solar inverter technology, SMA is widely considered to be the leader in the solar inverter field. With all the manufacturing in its new, CO2 neutral, state of the art facility in Kassel, Germany, they continue to set the standard with features and reliability. Their inverters are proven to last the test of time, being one of the only manufacturers that have inverters installed for over 20 years. With great features and efficiency, they are a great choice for your solar PV system.


SMA Sunny Boy Solar Inverter

Modelled on the older and super reliable Sunny Boy range, SMA solar inverters Sunny Boy 1600TL and 2100TL are the ultimate in high efficiency and robust design. They can be fitted with Bluetooth or RS485 interface cards if need be. If you’re after a small inverter that will sit happily on your wall for many years to come, then the SB1600TL and SB2100TL are the perfect choice. They are one of the most efficient and reliable inverters available in their power class.


SMA Sunny Boy (3kW-5kW)

SMA Sunny Boy 3, 4 and 5000TL inverters are one of the most popular inverters used around the world. When they were initially introduced, they changed the way people thought about a solar inverter. Features like dual tracking, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, the large display and transformerless topology became the blueprint for many inverters that followed. Since the first series, various improvements have been made, like Webconnect and Reactive Power Control. If you are in the market for a robust and proven performer, it’s hard to go past the Sunny Boy TL range.


SMA Sunny Tripower

Sunnyboy SMA TriPower

The Sunny Tripower is the three phase inverter in the SMA range. Designed to fit the needs of the new residential market, the Sunny Tripower is a smaller version of SMA’s elite 3-phase commercial models. It features Webconnect and Bluetooth as standard and has a maximum efficiency of 98% which is outstanding. The Tripower is yet another reliable workhorse in the fantastic SMA range.


SMA Sunny Boy 3.0 - 5.0

SMA Sunny Boy

The Sunny Boy 3.0 - 5.0 range of inverters succeeds SMA’s international best-seller, the Sunny Boy 3000 - 5000TL. The new model comes in 4 different sizes - 3kW, 3.6kW, 4kW and 5kW - and features SMA Smart Connected, an integrated monitoring system which reports on activity and inconsistencies, reducing downtime and bringing users peace of mind. This smaller, lighter version is easy to use and can be fitted with batteries down the track, making it perfect for residential customers.